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21st century peabody - creating homes for the 21st century 14-Jan-11 erewhon
Peabody's strategy for the 21st Century.Peabody worked with the Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr), De Monfort University and Farrells architects to develop the principles of a strategy for creating the exemplar communities of the future. See pages 9 and then in more detail 10 for the Clapham estate development. Admire the spin!
lobby central hall, westminster 15th feb 05-Jan-11 Jean
details of this Lobby regarding new social housing regs
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every tenant matters. review of social housing regulation (pdf) 10-Dec-08 erewhon
Professor Martin Cave was asked by the government to do this review. This is where some of the less welcome changes to social housing are coming from. Who is Prof Martin Cave? Government says he is an expert in 'regulation'. I looked him up. A lot of his experience with regulations is with the telecommunications industry - mobile phones and all that, how to privatise bandwidths, and how to regulate energy markets. He is at the Centre for Management under Regulation, at Warwick University. This 'independent' CMuR welcomes corporate supporters, who get to appoint an Advisory Board Members, and thus influence the research agenda. The corporate supporters include Severn Trent Water, Vodaphone and BT. Which is perhaps why 'the market' is invading social housing. We 'customers' we be able to 'choose' cheaper social housing if we do not have enough money for the 'better' social housing. Or something like that.
the struggle against the housing finance act by leslie sklair 02-Dec-08 erewhon
The Labour movement campaign against the Heath government's Housing Finance Act in the 1970s - thousands of demonstrators, thousands of marches, millions of leaflets distributed all over the country ...... Apparently this still went on after Labour councils had to give in, throughout the time the Finance Act was in place, with independant tenants' associations keeping up rent strikes, campaigns, etc. It did not get much media cover at the time, the article says.
is this the end of the affair? 2004 article on peabody's exciting developments. 02-Dec-08 erewhon
Remember when there was no money for repairs and even urgent work was put into the category of 'planned works' to be done in a year's time (often with dire results)? This article sings about Dickon Robinson and Peabody's trail-blazing foray into exciting new developments. It being Peabody, there were huge over-runs of costs. When Dickon worked for Camden council he was known to residents as 'demolition Dickon' because he was responsible for so much property being knocked down instead of renovated as social housing.
the two new kinds of tenancy agreement - law commission final summary 02-Dec-08 erewhon
This is the Law Commission's final summary of their report - it outlines the two main types of tenancy agreement that will be brought in as models for landlords to use. Worth reading - shows what is to come.
peabody land 2008 report & accounts 27-Nov-08 tenant
Peabody Land 2008 Report & Accounts.pdf - Financial year 2007 (ending April 2008)
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rethinking social housing 20-Nov-08 erewhon
The Smith Institute makes the case for means-testing social housing tenants, and more, in this 2006 report. Which was supported by the Housing Corporation.
test add document - ag-hmc70 brochure 19-Nov-08 tenant
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test add another document - ag-hmc150 brochure 19-Nov-08 tenant
another panasonic cam brochure - AG-HMC150

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