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Annoyed by the crossrail?

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  [Annoyed by the crossrail?] - Posted: 02 October 2017 - 03:29 pm GMT

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Hello everybody,

I am currently a third year student at Queen Mary University, i am currently undergoing data
collection for my dissertation which is based upon the effect the construction the crossrail is
having on housing prices and the local areas i.e. gentrification and regeneration, such as the
construction of new 'trendier shops'. Having struggled to collect a good amount of data as of yet
i would really appreciate any responses to my questionnaire listed below via email - or just a reply to this thread.

To whom it may concern,

My name is Jack Manley and I am currently a third year Geography student at Queen Mary
University. The topic of my dissertation is the development of the Crossrail and the impact it will
have on housing prices in the surrounding area. As part of this, I am really interested in hearing
the views of the local residents and it would be greatly appreciated if you took the time to
answer a few questions (listed below).
If you are willing to participate please email your responses to:
Thank you.

Your participation in this questionnaire is completely voluntary and you are under no obligation
to complete the questions. If you choose to do so, each respondent will be coded with numbers,
therefore if any quotations are used, your responses will remain anonymous. If after completing
the questionnaire you decide you do not want your answers to be used, please contact me on
the above email and I will remove all of your data and none of it will be included in my analysis.
Demographics: (all optional)
Age: Gender:
Ethnicity: Length of time as a resident in current property:
Education level: Employment status:

1. Improvements in transport such as the construction of the Crossrail often see increases in
the prices of property in the local area. How has this impacted your position on the housing
market? *I.e. has it encouraged you to prolong the process of selling your property to sell at a
higher price after the completion of the Crossrail?
2. (For tenants only) As a tenant, how has the construction of the Crossrail, if at all, impacted
your ambition to get yourself on the housing market? *I.e. does it now mean you now have to
look further afield where houses may be cheaper?

3. From your own perspective how much of an impact has the Crossrail had on the local area
in terms of gentrification? *I.e. has there been an influx of ‘trendier’ shops? Or on another
tangent has there been an increase in the ‘flipping’ of properties for financial gain?

4. What are your thoughts on the following statement? ‘Crossrail is being sold as a catalyst
for much-needed housing investment and regeneration. Will this project (the capitals biggest
project) help address its housing problems?’

5. Any additional comments or thoughts regarding the development of the construction of the
*These are just suggestions please do not feel that you must follow these suggestions, any
thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again.

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